And wear a Canada Goose in Paris, what do you think?

So here: it’s ridiculous. Not only you will get too hot all the time, and besides it’s a brand that unfortunately is badly under (just take a tour at the exit of a Parisian high school: a fine example of moutonisme), in addition to the expensive french price compared to Canadian price.

In addition, from a point of view strictly design, canada goose jacketa Canada Goose parka will never charm vintage of a designer parka, like the impressive blue of Paname parka.

Really, buy a Canada Goose to wear in Paris is clearly bullshit, canada goose parka sale it’ll be painful to wear every day, and you’re going to a guy from the 16th in lack of exoticism.
Large Canada Goose collaborations…

Canada Goose is a brand that has managed to maintain his hype through well-placed collaborations. This is the first, with the rapper Drake, October Very Own’s brand:

It’s really a piece that has a very commanding presence, with that huge hood. I grant you it’s a design difficult to appreciate when you have the habit of coats cut with a scalpel. (model Canada Goose x October’s Very Own)

There is then a sportier room, dedicated to the athlete Lance Mackey,canada goose parka outlet who made dog sledding:

This model is distinguished by that huge hood in coyote, and stickers everywhere from sponsors. If ever it takes you the urge to go far North sleigh… Note that there are enough practical vents under the arms.

Also a great collaboration with Loro Piana, but unfortunately out of price:

To have seen in real life, the effect of wool flannel is very successful and Cup is super neat, see these very high shoulders.

And finally, and to my dismay, what had to happen happened, canada goose parka mens Canada Goose did a collaboration with… Colette: