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Canada goose’s life and wildlife in Washington

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In future columns, I will quote more from the male hero stories-including the House of Rennes Rennes, a widower, and his parents ‘ lives.

Snow goose flight

Party Canada geese come to Maine, I went to Canada. With the coming of winter, migrating Canada geese filled ponds and areas of some countries, especially in Aroostook County. Reindeer, Mars Hill, and Washburn ponds fill the honkers. The same day, geese harvested forage areas. In the evening, they gathered in the city, their safety from hunters and their natural enemies. This is quite a display.

Impressive numbers on the can, Canada goose dwarf snow goose invasion of Quebec City. Up to 100,000 geese can be collected again. It’s a magical world. Therefore, the Columbus Day weekend, from a small group of nuosiketeguzhang Maine Audubon members met with farm pond, 5-hour expedition to Quebec.

Snow geese nest in the High Arctic and winter in the United States the South. There are two races. Canada northeast of greater snow geese in summer and winter along the Atlantic coast from New Jersey to South Carolina. Snow goose live farther west, the Southwest and Mexico in winter. This is the greater snow goose, it collected a remarkable number in Quebec.

8.001 billion greater snow geese in the world. We know, because almost everyone of them has to go through a place on this planet: the Saint Lawrence River Cap Tourmente. This is the Canada national wildlife refuge is located in the northeast of Quebec City, 25 miles. Tourmente was established as a refuge to protect the snow geese that are running there a century ago. Hunting pressure has decreased only about 3000 in the United States, snow goose hunting was banned in 1916, their numbers.

Today, their numbers have recovered and restored in 1975, hunting, in fact, rapid population growth in the past 30 years, this is probably because climate change is warming at high latitudes in the Arctic, extend growing season. Snow goose voracious vegetarians will eat almost all of Arctic plants, every part of it, or even at all.

This is a special plant, the snow geese are attracted to the Saint Lawrence River: United States Reed. It grows in large amounts near Quebec City. Root is a starchy tuber, abundant energy, ideal fuel for a long period of migration. Tourmente geese stop in both directions, since they fly, the seasonal nature of its territory, finishing a few days before the move.

Snow goose special adaptability, so that they can feed the tubers. Their bills are jagged, they can reduce the vegetation. In fact, arrived at the scene and goose Reed all the stocks were quickly cut off, further away and let nature take its course. E then pull their head into the mud.